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Cyril Kornbluth is a legendary figure in science fiction. As a teenager in the years before World War II, he wrote prolifically and brilliantly under multiple.
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Instinct tells him that he is safe in his pursuit of the young Polish virgin, but he is mistaken. His last two attacks, and his own demise, occur in a small West Virginia town. It is significant that the community is comprised of Eastern Europeans; Kornbluth hits this home in the last line of the story:. The sharpened stake was through his heart and the scythe blade through his throat before he could realize that he had not been the first of his kind; and that what clever people have not yet learned, some quite ordinary people have not yet entirely forgotten.

Kornbluth rejects the traditional discourse that the alien represents the fear of the Other in this case, Communists as he engages on a much deeper level with the socio-political fears of the day. There is an obvious parallel between the Mindworm, who looks like any normal American but who invades and controls the minds of innocent people in order to harm them, and the typical American post-war view of Communists.

Knight Kornbluth would engage with this threat just two years later in The Space Merchants , his influential novel co-authored with Pohl. This specific fear is that one may never quite know what is lurking in the minds of others. What should we do?

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Should we do anything? With his ability to read minds, the Mindworm also represents the clandestine operations US secret services were conducting on their own people. The Mindworm indiscriminately listens in on conversations that span multiple languages English, Spanish, and German and highlight a fear of communism. In his story the enemy is not a Communist, but rather a purebred American.

They are members of elite intelligence agencies, scientists, doctors, detectives, physicists, etc. The story is more than a cautionary account of the dangers inherent in a particular scientific creation: it serves as a warning about the political and social structures that allow for such a creation and that threaten American democracy at its core.

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The author would like to thank the reviewers for their careful reading and insightful comments on drafts of this article. Bidoshi conducts fieldwork in Eastern Europe and publishes on subjects including the use of the oral tradition in the works of Anton Chekhov, Nikolai Gogol, and Liudimila Petrushevskaia and Russian language pedagogy. She is currently working on a program that will allow students to train on Russian verbs of motion in virtual reality.

Mary Kornbluth was a potter and ceramicist Rich In the Kornbluths moved from a Polish neighborhood to an upscale storefront apartment with a glass engraver for a neighbor, where Mary pursued ceramics D. There was a housing shortage and we were stuck back at the stockyards in a fantastic old neighborhood. Bagdanov, Kristin George.

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The History of Science Fiction. In his own world, Royland debated whether to delay progress at the Los Alamos nuclear research site or to help the atomic bomb achieve its terrifying result. Encountering both a slave village and a concentration camp in the alternative America, he comes to grips with the idea of life under bondage. Many of Kornbluth's novels were written as collaborations: either with Judith Merril using the pseudonym Cyril Judd , or with Frederik Pohl. By far the most successful and important [ citation needed ] of these were the novels Gladiator-At-Law [ citation needed ] and The Space Merchants.

Kornbluth died at age 34 in Levittown, New York. Scheduled to meet with Bob Mills in New York City, Kornbluth had to shovel out his driveway, which left him running behind. Racing to make his train, he suffered a heart attack on the platform of the train station. A number of short stories remained unfinished at Kornbluth's death; these were eventually completed and published by Pohl. Lafferty 's "Eurema's Dam.

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Asimov: A Memoir , all give vivid descriptions of Kornbluth as a man of odd personal habits and vivid eccentricities. Among the traits which they describe:. Anthony Boucher praised the collection, saying "Kornbluth's sharp observation is everywhere present, and in most of the stories his bitter insight.

Schuyler Miller reviewed the collection favorably for Astounding Science Fiction. Spider Robinson praised this collection, saying "I haven't enjoyed a book so much in years. This reflects editorial choice more than reality, because Kornbluth also wrote delightful humor in his last years, in stories not collected here.

These tales demonstrate Kornbluth's effective use of everyday individuals from a variety of ethnic backgrounds as well as his well-tuned ear for dialect. Sign In Don't have an account? For the British mathematician, see Kenneth Falconer mathematician. Contents [ show ]. The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. New York: St Martin's Griffin. Jefferson, NC: McFarland. Kornbluth ". In Fiona Kelleghan. Make Room!

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Pasadena, CA: Salem Press. The story also contains an attack on the agent who sold the collaboration without Kornbluth's permission.