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PDF | In this book, leading international experts explore the emerging concept of the zero energy mass custom home (ZEMCH) – designed to.
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The ability to adapt to the projected changes in climate is thus greatly affected by a number of socio-technical factors, a fuller understanding of which is required to tackle the challenges of adaptation. Moreover, the factors affecting adaptation potential of a building or a community are interdependent.

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Assessment for adaptation, therefore, requires an integrated and multidisciplinary approach. This special issue aims to address the socio-technical aspects of climate change adaptation, in particular the strategies to address integrated and multidisciplinary decision-making. Primarily concerned with responding to the specific needs of users and their societies, the built environment plays a tremendous role in shaping and facilitating the every day world we live in.

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This leaves numerous user groups and victims of social circumstances largely excluded from the luxury of an architecture that deems itself specifically to serve them. Such exclusion from the mainstream spectrum may be due to unique spatial needs and requirements of specific groups, or social phenomena which arise from particular transient or non-transient socio-political circumstances.


Such marginalized groups include, but are not necessarily limited to, individuals with special needs and disabilities- particularly developmental disabilities with non-physical manifestations; displaced persons due to natural or socio-political circumstances such as refugees and the homeless; minority groups; the elderly; the poverty stricken; victims of natural disaster etc. By encouraging research in this area we may create a much needed body of information and a number of methodologies and policies required to address the architectural and urban needs of such special populations.

In this issue of Open House International authors are encouraged to submit research that helps bridge this informational gap through evidence based design research, case studies, policy evaluation and other forms of scientific research that address the relationship between special populations and their existing, and required, built environments. E-mail: M.

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Noguchi gsa. In response to growing global warming issues and the constant increase of energy prices, house-builders and housing manufacturers today are becoming more responsive to the delivery of net zero energy sustainable homes than ever. This paradoxical concept has been recognised as a means to lessen production costs of end-user products while achieving the customisability through economies of scope rather than economies of scale.

Housing is no exception.

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E-mail: Christine. Climate change and urban development are closely interlinked and often adversely affect one another. Urbanisation — both planned and unplanned — can cause climatic changes. Moreover, urbanisation itself is affected by climate change and also influences the way climate change impacts entire urban populations.

Urban development is thus capable not only of counteracting climate change and its impacts, but also of strongly reinforcing them. The current negative feedback loop between climate change and urban development is seen in the resulting increase in weather-borne disasters, diseases and shortages of freshwater, energy and food, which have the greatest effects on the urban poor in developing countries.

While current climate change debates and policy at the international level focus mainly on how to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, urban development actors also need to find ways of adapting to climate change and of placing the urban poor at the centre of their debates and activities.

Zemch Toward Delivery Zero Energy Mass Custom Homes

This is crucial so that cities can become able to resist and counteract increasing climate change impacts — rather than inadvertently reinforcing them. So far, however, urban development actors have shown little understanding of how their actions can constrain effective local adaptation to climate change on the part of urban slum dwellers, too often with disastrous outcomes. Abstract This paper presents a systematic review to identify and synthesise significant research evidence and arguments relevant to the ZEMCH term.

Since then, a diverse range of publications, technical tours, academic activities and networks have used it. The term merges the concepts — Mass-Customisation and Zero-Energy. Therefore, this paper presents a linked collection of texts to describe the roots of the ZEMCH theory framing it to housing and architecture.

The use of timelines and graphic representations was used to highlight, reveal and mapped relationships between the collected documents. Therefore, the authors' developed a digital archive that allows relating documents, texts and references visually.

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